About Me

I imagine. It's what I do best. By day, as a software engineer, I apply my greatest asset to the tasks of how best to store and manipulate digital data. But my humanity cries out for more, and so by night I turn to the written word, to my imaginary worlds, and I use them to ask of my real world, "what is our purpose here?" Modernity is congested and frenetic and haphazard. How does one survive the constant maelstrom of media, let alone make the most of his precious time here? What has happened to our relationship to the natural world? Are there right and wrong ways to utilize our vast technological resources? What about the gender and sexuality social upheaval of the past sixty years? Who are we anymore? Maybe we've always been this weird. I know I have. Welcome to my writing. Welcome to my worlds.

~ Zachary Bonelli

Selected Bibliography

Voyage Embarkation

Lore & Logos (2015)

Nine short stories that blend Bonelli's weird imagination with the very real conditions of the human heart: loss, love, fear, friendship, freedom, and joy. Your real world is about to get a kick in its complacency.

Alterra (2014)

Centuries ago, an ideological schism saw the banishment of an entire community from their home reality to the parallel world Alterra. Now, three young men must find solutions to both their relationship woes and the ideological conflict that threatens to tear their society apart.

Insomnium (2014)

By the end of the twenty-first century, the world has arrived at an uneasy stability in the wake of ecological chaos and political upheaval. Nel Hanima lives in a post-restoration Seattle, where restriction rather than freedom is the new social norm. Feeling helpless and weary, Nel falls asleep in his apartment and awakens in the bizarre City of Nowhere, a place of strange creatures, rampant paradoxes, and malleable physical laws. He must team up with outcasts from parallel realities of his city if he is to find a way home. And along the way, he might just discover the purpose and meaning his life has thus far lacked…

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